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Taylor Thornton/Medill

Women's lacrosse moves beyond its traditional east coast borders

by Taylor Thornton
Jun 6, 2014


Coach Beatrice Conley(l) discusses the media's role in the growth of women's lacrosse in the United States.


Taylor Thornton/Medill

Beatrice Conley teaches the proper way to throw during a private lesson.


Taylor Thornton/Medill

Northwestern University lacrosse player Alyssa Leonard runs the attack during a game against the University of Florida in early May.

The growth of women's lacrosse continues to expand throughout the United States and even internationally. During the past five years, women's lacrosse membership rates have increased and team participation in the women's World Cup has soared to a total of 19 teams. Medill Newsmakers' host Taylor Thornton spoke with Wildcat Elite head coach Beatrice Conley, The Australian Women's team coach Sue Sofarnos and the founder of Outreach With Lacrosse and Schools founder Sam Angelotta about the increase in interest in the sport.