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Taryn Galbreath/MEDILL

The morality of income inequality

by Taryn Galbreath
Mar 20, 2014

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Taryn Galbreath/MEDILL

Center on Budget Policy Priorities senior analyst Elizabeth McNichol discusses the income inequality debate.

According to PEW research, U.S. income inequality has risen steadily since the 1970’s, which has lead to the current wealth gap establishing the country as more unequal than most of its world peers. The United States' legacy as one of the wealthiest nations is being challenged as the debate over raising the minimum wage heightens. Is the American dream a reality without upward mobility?

Is there a Christian ethic or faith in fairness implied by the United States motto, “In God We Trust? Elizabeth McNichol, senior analyst at the Center on Budget Policy Priorities, clarifies the merits of the issue.  Economists Bill Barclay of Chicago Political Economy Group and Frank Manzo of Illinois Economic Policy Institute discuss the dollars and moral sense of income inequality.