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Ashley Hickey/MEDILL

Election season is heating up, and the Chicago GOP is trying out a new strategy to drive up Republican voter turnout.

Chicago GOP not planning to sit out this year’s election

by Ashley Hickey
March 14, 2014


Ashley Hickey/MEDILL

Lynn Franco, candidate for the Illinois House from District 33 on the South Side, talks to Medill Newsmakers Host Ashley Hickey about her campaign and why she is running for elected office in such a challenging race.  


Ashley Hickey/MEDILL

Angel Garcia, President of Chicago Young Republicans, talks with us via Skype about the party’s strategy and the priorities of the modern Chicago Republican voter.

The Chicago Republican Party doesn’t suffer delusions of taking back the city from the Democratic machine any time soon. In this year’s election, the party is instead focused on a goal it considers more realistic: capturing 20 percent of Chicago voters, enough to help tip popularly elected statewide offices such as the governorship to the Republicans.  

The party has found serious local candidates from all corners of Chicago to run for the Illinois House and Senate. The Chicago GOP is counting on these candidates to run local campaigns that drive Republican voter turnout on Election Day and bring critical new voters into the fold.

The slate of candidates is as diverse as the county in which they live. All ages, men, women, blacks, whites and Hispanics have stepped forward to serve, and they believe they can make the Republican party more relevant in a metropolitan area that has consistently voted Democratic since the Great Depression.

Lynn Franco shares her experience running for the Illinois House as an African-American Republican female from the South Side. And Angel Garcia, President of Chicago Young Republicans, explains how the GOP has evolved since the 2012 election. We also hear from candidates and voters from across the city about this election’s most pressing issues.