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Chris Alan Williams/MEDILL

Gun advocates gathered in Springfield, Ill. for the eighth annual Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day

Gun advocates assemble, call for protecting second amendment rights

by Chris Alan Williams
Mar 6, 2014


Chris Alan Williams/MEDILL

Gun advocates assemble outside the Illinois state capitol.

Three of the four Republican candidates running for governor spoke at the Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day.

"This is the eighth year you've done the rally for IGOLD," said Treasurer Dan Rutherford. "I am proud to tell you this is the eighth year in a row that I've been with you here at the Prairie Convention Center."

On Wednesday, the candidates took advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to voters.

One of those voters, Russell Taylor, 56, said, "I'm easy, I go Second Amendment. I want to see records and want to see positions." Taylor is from Silvis, Ill.

State Sen. Kirk W. Dillard (R-24th) told the crowd he first started reading his grandfather's "Field & Stream" when he was about 5 years old and was an early sponsor of concealed carry laws.

State Sen. Bill Brady (R-44th) said that gun rights are a national issue.

"Do you believe that Barack Obama ought have the right to limit law-abiding citizens' gun ownership?" Brady asked. Along with the audience, he answered, "No."

The attendees appreciated the time the candidates took to speak.

"I wasn't too familiar, I admit," said Wally Dworak, 58, a concealed carry firearm instructor who lives on the Southwest Side. "I liked that they showed up. I didn't expect that."