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Nikitta Foston/MEDILL

Dominique Martucci has received thousands of letters over the course of ten years in response to Operation Caramel Corn. They are housed, along with walls of mementos, cards, coins, flags and photos, sent to say "thank you" for her support of U.S. troops. 

U.S. troops say thank you for Operation Caramel Corn

by Nikitta Foston
Mar 6, 2014

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Nikitta Foston/MEDILL

A box of caramel corn waits to be shipped at Naper Nuts and Sweets in Naperville. In addition to the caramel corn treats, the boxes contain Martucci's weekly newsletter and donations from community members.

Dominique Martucci needs an entire floor of a Naperville warehouse to hold the mementos she's received from U.S. troops. She has volumes of thank you letters, housed in alphabetical order, representing over 10 years of appreciation from men and women across the globe. The outpour is a simple thank you for the thousands of bags of popcorn she's shipped around the world to those serving in the military. Martucci and her staff at Naper Nuts and Sweets launched Operation
Caramel Corn ten years ago. Today, there are talks of Martucci opening her warehouse to the public, quite possibly in time for Memorial Day. "The response has been overwhelming."