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Sean Kennedy/MEDILL

One of Chicago's most popular food trucks, the Doughnut Vault, will operate all winter.

Winter won’t stop Chicago’s 94 food trucks

by Sean Kennedy
Nov 21, 2013

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Cold weather won’t stop Chicago’s burgeoning food truck market.

And while food truck fans have always been vocal about their support for mobile food options, the industry has gotten a huge boost lately from the City of Chicago. A new law enacted last year allows food trucks to cook on board, which has expanded options for trucks.

Now, Chicago has 94 food trucks, serving everything from doughnuts to ribs. Twenty-two of those trucks are licensed to cook onboard.

The city itself is doing a great deal to promote the trucks, even through the winter. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events is excited to include food trucks at every opportunity, spokeswoman Mary May says.

The city will station a rotating cast of food trucks throughout December as a part of a seasonal event called Caroling at Cloud Gate, which kicks off Friday. This is the eighth year of the event, which showcases Chicago choral groups, but it will be the first year the performers are joined by a supporting cast of food trucks.

This was also the first year food trucks were included in Taste of Chicago, and public reviews were so positive, May says, that the department knew it had to run with it.

Since then, trucks have been a part of special events such as Franken Plaza Halloween and Chicago’s Fashion Week. To celebrate the increasing number of mobile food-slinging vehicles, the city even held a Food Truck Rally on Oct. 11.

“That was the first time we’ve done a whole event around food trucks,” May says. But it won’t be the last.

“We’ve had great success in partnership with the food trucks, and we hope to continue that in 2014.”