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Theresa Chong/MEDILL

NASA's Curiosity Rover is exploring Mars but the twin prototype craft is on display through Labor Day at the Adler Planetarium.

Roving over Mars: Join the Curiosity mission with Adler astronomer

by Theresa Chong
Aug 19, 2013


Theresa Chong/MEDILL

Adler Planetarium astronomer Mark Hammergren tells us what Curiosity is finding on Mars.

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Theresa Chong/MEDILL

Curiosity’s high-tech camera. It uses a laser to vaporize layers of rock material on Mars.

The Planetarium is celebrating the discoveries of NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars. Programs feature fun-filled family events, space videos and even a life-sized version of Curiosity made entirely of balloons. An actual prototype of the mission craft is on exhibit too. 

Curiosity's first-year milestone in space found evidence of water in the rocks that suggested a small ocean. Now the Rover is climbing up Mt. Sharp, the central mountain in the Gale Crater. Adler Planetarium astronomer Mark Hammergren brings the complex science of space exploration down to earth. He highlights the challenges of landing Curiosity on Mars and the high-tech gadgets that make Curiosity a robotic geologist.