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Gardening -- no yard required

by Denisse J. González and Rachel E. Gross
Apr 23, 2013


Urban dwellers, take heart: Chicago Earth Day events and the week’s celebrations provide you with myriad ways to be eco-conscious in the concrete jungle.

Install a rooftop rain barrel, ramp up your recycling—or grow some greens. No yard required.

For your very own sprout garden, all you need is a jar, a week, and a handful of alfalfa seeds, a room full of students learned at an urban gardening workshop held this Earth Day at DePaul University, in Lincoln Park.

"It's the easiest plant," said workshop leader Xhoana Ahmeti, screwing a lid onto her jar of potential alfalfa sprouts. "They're kind of like a pet you can't take for a walk."

Sponsored by the Urban Farming Organization, participants brought home sprout jars, plus containers of herbs and vegetables.

How do you know when to pluck your sprouts? Just wait until seeds are green.

"That's when you know you've got legitimate sproutage," said Toni Andreina, a workshop participant and geography student. Then put them on a sandwich--or not.

"I'll probably just eat them plain," Andreina said.