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Lyz Hoffman/MEDILL

One kitten's journey from stray to safe at home

by Lyz Hoffman
Feb 26, 2013


Lyz Hoffman/MEDILL

Andre and Maureen Daugavietis, right, speak with Tree House's adoptions counselor, Kady Walker, about adopting Manana.

Manana, born as a stray kitten, got lucky. She was rescued, fostered, and then adopted by her foster "parents."


Chicago's Tree House Humane Society's foster parents bring cats home temporarily until they can be adopted. Foster parents are expected to keep the foster cat separate from any other pets in the home to prevent the spread of any possible diseases or illnesses. Foster parents also need to bring the cats to Tree House's Uptown clinic every week for check-ups, and should expect to foster the cat for up to four weeks. Then the cats go up for adoption at Tree House. For more information, visit