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Yolan Henry, at the microphone, said she is happy her daughter's murderer will not be able to harm anybody else.

‘No one should live in fear of their lives ever’

by Ananth Baliga
Feb 13, 2013

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Friends and family of Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend, Nova Henry, on Wednesday spoke out against domestic violence following Tuesday’s conviction of her murderer, Fredrick Goings, on two counts of first-degree murder.

Yolan Henry, Nova’s mother, said that the family is happy to have gotten a conviction and that such cases showed that domestic violence was not limited to a few parts of the city –
and occur every day across the city.

“Domestic violence was the route of this evil act committed by Fredrick Goings," Henry said. “No one should live in fear of their lives ever.”

On Jan. 29, 2009, Goings shot Nova and her daughter, Ava Curry, in her South Loop condo. Nova’s son, Noah Henry Curry was also present in the condo but was unhurt. Goings had represented Nova in a paternity case against Curry; they were romantically linked after the case.

Henry said that at first the family was unaware of Goings harassing Nova. But when they looked for signs, they realized that he had been harassing, texting, following and stalking Nova. Henry said Nova suffered pain at the hands of Goings.

“It was like having a building lifted off my chest; I was elated,” Henry said.

Nova was former Chicago Bulls player Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend, who at present has custody of their 3-year-old son. Henry declined to comment on whether Curry had contacted her after the conviction.

Susan Johnson, executive director of Chicago’s Citizens for Change, said that they were happy to see a favorable verdict in this case and that there were other such families in Chicago who are awaiting justice and need help.

Goings is facing a life term and sentencing is scheduled for March 11.