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Conner Forrest/Medill

Robots show off at Automate 2013

by Conner Forrest
Jan 22, 2013


Conner Forrest/Medill

Universal Robots Vice President Thomas Visti demonstrates the safety features of a new robot that is designed to work directly with humans. Don't press too hard, now - that's the message of one safety feature.

Robots collaborating with humans partners, robots moving faster than a human can see and robots building your dream burger are just some of the advances in automation featured at Automate 2013.

The expo opened Monday at Chicago’s McCormick Place, highlighting a show that brings together robot users and automation industry leaders.

Hundred of exhibitors line the expo with their robots, cameras and tools on display, almost like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel. Robot fans and other expo visitors also can attend keynotes and networking events. Attendees can participate in expert huddles and seminars and take industry certification exams.

Automate is open through Jan. 24 and is hosted in tandem with ProMat, an industry supply-chain and distribution show.