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Matt Rhodes/MEDILL takes aim at fossil fuels to cure the climate

by Matt Rhodes
Nov 29, 2012


Matt Rhodes/MEDILL

Bill McKibben, co-founder of brings the battle against fossil fuels to Chicago on Wedesday.

"Do the Math" adds up to's battle against fossil fuels. The campaign made the Chicago stop Wednesday night where co-founder Bill McKibben and Hip-Hop Caucus president Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. revved up the crowd and called for divestiture of fossil fuel company stocks owned by institutions such as colleges and churches. The other trumpet blown was for the Obama administration to "put the kibosh" on the development of the controversial Keystone Pipeline that would bring oil from Canada southward through the U.S. The organization is planning on taking the fight to Washington, D.C., in February. The event was sponsored by Chicago Area Peace Action.