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Dionne E. Young/MEDILL

B Vax has a long history on the Chicago hip-hop music scene. He has used his time in the industry to carve out a positive and uplifting niche.

Despite setbacks Chicago hip-hop musician continues to make his mark

by Dionne E. Young
Nov 29, 2012


Dionne E. Young/MEDILL

B Vax leaves his apartment to run errands before the Waffle Music Fest Show.

Chicago hip-hop sometimes gets a bad rep, but local artist B Vax has had a long career trying to buck this trend. B Vax spent nearly 20 years working in the Chicago music scene with the group Endangered Species. They showcased a brand of hip-hop that had a positive uplifting message. Although their 2004 album was praised by music critics, this genre of hip-hop historically has had a tougher time being accepted than its grittier counterpart. As a result B Vax has found another way to make his mark and still stay true to the music he loves.