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John Kanaly/MEDILL

At Ho Ka Turkey Farm, shoppers can see how their Thanksgiving bird is raised.

A different way to get your Thanksgiving feast at Ho Ka Turkey Farm

by John Kanaly
Nov 20, 2012


John Kanaly/MEDILL

Turkeys at Ho Ka Turkey Farm

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, many are looking for a turkey to complete their feasts. Most go to the meat department at their local grocery store, where they never really get a sense of where the turkey came from.

At Ho Ka Turkey Farm, the experience is a little different. The farm has been raising turkeys for nearly 90 years and everyone is invited to their ranch in Waterman, IL to see how it’s done.

The clucks from tens of thousands of turkeys ring out across the whole farm. Kids run excitedly up and down aisles of barns filled with birds. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it’s unique.

The turkeys are raised naturally and even eat corn grown on the same farm.

While Ho Ka turkeys can be purchased at several stores throughout the city, a quick trip out to the farm may not be such a bad idea for those looking for a different Thanksgiving experience.