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Andrew Hedlund/MEDILL

Katy Keich (left), Rebecca Steurer and Tom Serafin socialize before the start of the first presidential debate on Wednesday. They joined Republicans from across Chicago who gathered at English Bar and Restaurant to watch the debate and root for Gov. Mitt Romney.   

Chicago Young Republicans mobilize supporters during debates

by Andrew Hedlund
Oct 04, 2012

The Chicago chapter of the Young Republicans whooped and hollered for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as he traded barbs with President Barack Obama Wednesday night.

More than 100 people gathered at the English Bar and Restaurant for the first presidential debate in a city where Republicans are few and far between. Chapter president Angel Garcia was pleased with the turnout.
“The fact that we can fill an entire second floor at a large bar in Democrat Chicago with young people is amazing,” he said.
The crowd cheered at Romney’s one-liners, particularly when he said, “Mr. President, you’re entitled, as the president, to your own airplane and to your own house, but not to your own facts.”
The group said their candidate was in good form during the debate. Lionel Garcia, who works for a financial company, said Romney that the president “looked a little rusty” and he wasn’t “the same without Teleprompters.”
Angel Garcia said, “Romney did as well as he could have hoped. At times Obama looked tired and angry.” But he also added, “There is still a world to go, in election talk.”
Garcia and other members sipped drinks, booed the president and listened as Obama and Romney debated topics ranging from taxes to health care under the stage lights at the University of Denver.
Lionel Garcia said he felt the economy was the most important issue because it “affects us as individuals, us as families.”
“We want the money we earn to come to us, not taxes or entitlements," he said. "It seems like with Romney’s plan more money will be available to individuals."
Daniela Hernandez, who recently graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, said uncertainty about whether Democrats will raise taxes stopped her from buying a home.
“I feel like I’m affect by them all the time,” she said.
The Young Republicans will be hosting watch parties for all the presidential debates. The next gathering will be for the vice presidential debate on  Oct. 11 at the CubbyBear Chicago, 1059 W. Addison St.