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Megan Taylor Morrison/MEDILL

Driving small cars, local food shopping and vegetarian meals. Climate scientists share tips for reducing the carbon emissions contributing to global warming.

Getting personal: Top climate scientists share how they limit carbon emissions

by Megan Taylor Morrison
Oct 12, 2011

Joerg on rock

Courtesy of Joerg Schaefer

Climate scientist Joerg Schaefer (left) traces the retreat of glaciers at places such as the Tioga moraines in the Sierra Nevadas.


Gretchen Roecker/MEDILL

Joerg Schaefer travels far and wide researching climate change and reduces his carbon footprint in life every day.

Top climate scientists such as Richard Alley and Joerg Schaefer share what they do to reduce their carbon footprints. Individual efforts count in the planet-sized challenge of human-influenced global warming, scientists stress.

Some of their tips:

Ride a bike

Drive small cars

Eat less meat

Buy food locally

Turn down the thermostat

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