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Sara Al-Farhan/MEDILL

Organizers say that donors shouldn’t feel discouraged from contributing because the allegations against Greg Mortenson and his nonprofit organization, if true, are the exception to the rule in the nonprofit community.

Chicago nonprofits fear backlash from Mortenson allegations

by Sara Al-Farhan
April 27, 2011

Author Greg Mortenson is accused of exaggerating and even fabricating some of the information in his multimillion selling book “Three Cups of Tea” which chronicles Mortenson’s charity work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mortenson built schools in Afghanistan with his own nonprofit organization, the Central Asia Institute, which is now being accused of exaggerating the number of schools built and the misuse of finances.

Local Chicago nonprofits now fear a backlash of scrutiny from potential donors who may become suspicious of other nonprofits because of the allegations against Mortenson. Organizers say that instead of feeling discouraged, donors should ask the right questions and do their research before donating money.