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Molly Born/MEDILL    

Chicago-area activists pursue their dream in Springfield

by Molly Born
March 04, 2011

Members of the Interfaith Leadership Project of Cicero, Berywn and Stickney and Chicago's Immigrant Youth Justice League joined the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Thursday to lobby against recent proposed budget cuts that, if approved, would slash immigrant funding by 74 percent.


Advocates from the groups hoped to meet with legislators to share their stories, including Razan Abu-Hashish, an 18-year-old University of Illinois-Chicago student, who became an ally with the youth justice league when a shy classmate came out as undocumented and inspired Abu-Hashish to join the cause.


"It is an issue that isn't talked about," she said of illegal residents. "But that's because a lot of people in the undocumented community or allies don't talk about the issue. So I think when we first start coming out and starting talking about our stories, that's probably the biggest and the first step."