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Parents of Keller Regional Gifted Center students stand as the Board listens to concerns about the school’s future.

Parents voice closure concerns at CPS board meeting

by Leor Galil
Jan 27, 2010

Parents, teachers and students angered over school closures packed the CPS Board of Education’s monthly meeting Wednesday to air their grievances.

Phyllis Killins, who identified herself as a parent of a Simon Guggenheim Elementary School student, said the proposed closure came as a shock.

“We have talked to our principal, trying to get some kind of help, some kind of advice, to no avail,”  Killins said. “We are willing to come in early and leave late.”

Guggenheim is one of 13 CPS schools slated to close, turn around, consolidate or phase out as part of the Renaissance 2010 plan.

CPS officials announced the proposed changes Jan. 19 and will host a series of public hearings about the changes starting Thursday at CPS headquarters. A complete hearing schedule is available at the CPS Web site. CPS will announce its recommendations at its Feb. 24 board meeting.

While Keller Regional Gifted Center was not among the 13  schools targeted, a quorum of Keller parents filled the CPS board chamber fearing that their school might be next.

“I just wanted to know how and why Keller’s name ever came up on the proposed relocation,” said Sherry Swan, parent of one Keller student.  “Keller has become a model school, in my opinion, that the entire state and Chicago public school system can be proud of.”

CPS Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman rebuked  the rumors of Keller’s relocation.

“Next year there will be no movement of the school,” Huberman said. “We share your concern, absolutely. We do not want to take a highly successful school and disrupt that school.”